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Convert Quicken6 to the latest version

I have a very old version which needs to be upgraded to the latest version. Quicken 6 was released in early 90's for dos. I want to convert to the latest Quicken. What is the process in need to follow?


  • thecreatorthecreator SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @""tom lawrence" ,

    Sorry, but you waited too long to decide to upgrade.

    Quicken recommends that you start over , but retain your Data File for its history.

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    View: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7859218/work-with-copies-of-your-actual-quicken-data-files/p1?new=1

  • splashersplasher SuperUser, Windows Beta ✭✭✭✭
    There is no direct conversion (even using several steps) that are available these days unless you can find copies of Quicken from 1998, 2000, 2004 & 2013.
    You might try exporting your data into QIF files and import them into the latest version of Quicken for Windows (Mac does not import QIF), but it will be a lot of work and cleanup.
    The problems with the oldest versions of Quicken for Windows these days is that some of them were 16 bit programs which will not run on Win10 and would require a computer with an almost equally as old version of Windows.
    As thecreator stated, "Sorry, but you waited too long to decide to upgrade."

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  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    @tom lawrence Are you referring to Quicken 6 for Windows or the even earlier Quicken 6 that was for DOS?

    If it is the one above (installs in C:\QuickenW), the data file can still be updated even though Quicken Inc doesn't say so (most likely because they have just not tested it).

    You would start with the Quicken 2004 install from this article, and maybe stop at Quicken 2013 if you still want to stay with manual entry (past that the main benefits are online services, like downloading transactions).

    In my test when I installed Quicken 2004 (after Quicken 6 for Windows was already on the machine with a data file created) it even detected that there was a data file in C:\QuickenW and ask if I wanted to convert it.  So I recommend doing at least this part on the old machine (Even though I did this on a Windows 10 32-bit machine, Quicken Windows 6 will only install on a 32-bit operating system).
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
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