How do I remove an online bill?

I've got a Quicken subscription, so I'm up to date as far as Quicken goes.

Although I've been using Quicken for a couple of years, there's more about it that I don't know, then I do. Some months back I noticed that my mobile provider, T-Mobile, has an online bill capability. Great! I thought. So, I set it up in Quicken and thought I'd get notifications of new bills, etc.

Well, that has never worked since I set it up. The reason is that I don't have any automatic account activity synchronizing with my bank. (They want WAY more than I'm willing to pay.) I naively thought that Quicken would handle the online synchronization, etc. It doesn't, but it was never obvious, months ago when I set this up, that it would be necessary to have account activity synchronization in effect with my bank.

So, what I would really like to do in Quicken is either delete this useless online bill for T-Mobile in Bills & Income or modify it so that I can change it to a manual bill entry. From what I see that is impossible to do either. Double clicking on the T-Mobile entry in Bills & Income does nothing. The only actionable thing in the grid in Bills & Income, is the Enter button. I tried clicking on the downward pointing arrow immediately to the right of the "Enter" caption of the button. There're only three things in the dropdown: Refresh bill, Link to reminder and Go to biller website.

Nothing about converting this to a manual bill pay or deleting it.

So, how do I fix this problem?

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  • jcharles
    jcharles Member
    I have this same problem in Quicken Deluxe for Windows. It says it successfully deleted the biller, but it doesn't do anything.
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