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Quicken 2020 H&B does not find any my scanners. And yes they do work with other programs. 2 of the scanners are HP's desktops and are on wifi and the other is a handheld plustek plugged in via usb. For a while it was hit and miss when I opened the program and the scanners were there, but after several attempts lately, the quicken program refuses to find said scanners.


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    Scanning directly from Quicken has always been kind of hit-or-miss - or shall we come right out and say it - buggy. I have the opposite problem, where Quicken finds 2 scanners for my HP all-in-one and I have to guess which one to use.
    I long ago gave up scanning from Quicken and now scan externally and attach the resulting file manually. It sounds like an extra step, but it works every time.
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    I'm used to the 2017 edition and if I remember right, the 2015 edition also had the scan feature. It worked flawlessly!! I also used the mobile app and took lots of pics of the receipts directly into the quicken app, although it loaded up my camera with a lot pics of receipts in my phone gallery. One thing I did notice with this new program and it may have been a recent update is a lot of the pics from the phone that were attached to the desktop program are gone...poof! So there is an issue somewhere. I've even gone so far as uninstalling and reinstalling the program, results are the same. So I could really use some help here!
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    And just to make things interesting, the scanner option started working again but with issues. (I don't know for how long) My handheld plustek works fine on small receipts but when I scan a full size receipt and it looks like it is going to work, BAM! The program shuts down and I have to restart it. I'm not looking forward to saving every document first as a pdf or jpg, and then copying them to the program. Kinda defeats the purpose of a "scan to" option in the program....grr...frustrating to say the least. [removed-rant]
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