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How do you modify an (unlisted bank) account to import a QFX file?

I live in New Zealand so my bank is not listed as one of the Quicken accounts that permit a direct download. I can get a QIF export from my bank, and have been using a converter (Bank2QFX from Propersoft, great product!) to change the QIF file to something importable into Quicken 2017.

Following the migration to Quicken for Windows, my old accounts can still import a QFX file, but any new bank account I set up will not allow transactions to be imported until I change the account settings to Activate Downloads. However, when I attempt this, the setup wizard fails because I do not have login credentials for a valid account at any bank in Quicken's database.

Is there a workaround?

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  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    You can't import a QFX file into Quicken 2017.  Importing a QFX file is considered an "online service" and is blocked for versions of Quicken that aren't supported.  And Quicken 2017 support stopped in April of this year.  In theory you shouldn't be able to import into the old accounts either.  Quicken is a bit quirky about how that blocking works and as such, there have been reports like yours were they have been able to import long after they should have been able to.

    You can continue to import QIF files (with a bit of a trick), but to continue to import QFX files you will have to have Quicken Subscription, and keep the subscription active.

    Note that any of the QIF to QFX translators are putting in the information that identify the financial institution from US financial institutions.  Which isn't supported.

    To import QIF files into Quicken 2017 into account types that its GUI says it doesn't support you can just add the account name and the account type to the top of the QIF file and select any account in the GUI and it will go into the right account.

    In Quicken Subscription they allow you to import QIF files into any account type, but they also removed all processing of QIF files, the transactions go directly into the register.  Bypassing the Downloaded Transactions tab, renaming rules (QIF imports have never used the remain rules), memorized payee for getting the category, or matching existing transactions in the register.

    This program will add the account name and type to a QIF file (that part is free).
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
  • TerenceF
    TerenceF Member
    Sorry, I didn't make it clear - when I said "following the migration to Quicken for Windows" I intended to confirm that I now have an active Quicken subscription, and the software now calls itself Quicken - Deluxe R29.22

    Thanks for the feedback, and useful workaround to switch to using QIF imports. AS I recall when I tried that in the past the QIF import workflow does not identify transactions that may be transfers, nor does it auto-categorise things?

    I specifically purchased the Active Quicken subscription in order that I can continue to do QFX imports. Yet I cannot set up an account to allow downloads (per the original post)

    Hope this explains my question better
  • TerenceF
    TerenceF Member
    Thanks: the key was that the QFX import file had to have a unique account number, and whether or not the receiving account was enabled for downloads was not relevant. Thanks for your help
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