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s0apscums0apscum Member ✭✭
When you go to close out Quicken, if your mouse moves in the upper right corner of the "X" (close window) hit-box --- a little red line appears (pictured below in screenshot)... and what does it do? It switches to whatever other Windows program you have opened and CLOSES IT!

..and yes -- Quicken is maximized -> full screen.

Is it a bug? is it a "feature"? who knows? Tell me how to disable this "feature" if it is one or fix this asap please!

I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally closed other important Windows programs I have open because of this bull crap.

Just look at the Quicken 'minimize-maximize-close' buttons and compare that to every other known Windows program in the universe (also attached to this post). Look at how Quicken differs (ex. the size of the close button, plus this red-line "feature") Any other program, you swing your mouse to the upper right corner of your screen and close whatever maximized program you have opened -- easy, no problem. If you do that with Quicken, this red-line appears and immediately it switches to whatever other programs are open and closes them!


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