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Tracking 529 Plan

Our 529 Plans do not communicate with Quicken. I would like to keep track of the balance on each account. I've downloaded the transactions but they are in a csv file so not compatible with quicken. Does anyone know the easiest way to manage these? It seems overwhelming to enter each transaction. I know I can just enter the updated balance but thought I would see if there are other suggestions. Thanks

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  • cyndy
    cyndy Member ✭✭
    It is the Iowa 529 Plan and they do not support quicken because of the expense of it. Hand entry it is. Thanks so much for the response.
  • BK
    BK Member ✭✭✭✭
    I have seen posts that folks try to edit the csv file to a more compatible format, but at the end they say that it is not worth the longer effort.  I have not tried that route personally as I trust their experience.  Technically a 529 plan should not have too many transactions and most plans limit the number of transactions anyway - except for what you contribute to it on a regular basis of course which you can creatively automate in Quicken to some degree.  As for the investment price quote updates, if they are only reported by the plan, that too is another painful manual task which I do only on a quarterly basis for that reason.
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