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I cancelled my Bill Manager, horrible program, even worse service. Never had a problem with Bill Pay. Bill Manager missed payment dates, example I put in an payment on September 6 for an October 1 payment. They cut the check on October 1 but didn't mail it that day. We received 9 days later. Never happened with Bill Pay. I was charged a late fee of $240.29! When I called said I needed to read the service terms:

here they are Payments. It is your responsibility to initiate processing for any payment prior to the Due Date and to ensure that there is enough time to complete the payment prior to the Due Date. It is your responsibility to submit payments to arrive by the Due Date specified on the bill or statement. If you initiate processing on a date that causes payment to be delivered after the Due Date, we are not responsible for any late charges that you may be charged by the Payee.

I would suggest September 6 to October 1st is more than enough time! Cancelled subscription which I've had for probably 20 years. Tried a new online payment and what do you know, payment was received on time.


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    Hi @EdHeslop,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    Although we're sorry to hear that you've cancelled your Bill Manager Subscription, I'm glad you were able to receive clarification about the Check Pay payment process.

    Hopefully you can give Bill Manager a try again in the future and see how it works our for you then. We'd love to have you back.

    Take care and stay safe.
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