Deleted catagory by mistake, Tried adding as new, deosn't work. Help

jimnack Member
Using Quicken 2002 Basic. Works fine for my personal use. I accidentally deleted a category, Kayla my dog, to track her expenses. I started a new category, Kayla, and when I clicked report, all it showed was the latest 2 entries from a few days ago out of the many, many that were there previously. How do I get all the previous entries back?
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Your best bet would be restoring from a backup.
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  • Ps56k2
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    If you deleted a Category - it was instantly GONE... as in deleted - there is no UN-do.
    Of course, all the expenses are still there, just not associated with a Category as it is now empty/blank.
    As mentioned above, the best bet to get the Category back,
    is with a Restore from a recent Backup. 

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  • Rich_M
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    @jimnack Another suggestion I have is to search for uncategorized transactions.

    Once you get the results you can recategorize the affected transactions to Kayla.

    I'm assuming all or most of your transactions are otherwise categorized, so this should be an easy fix. 
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