Why does a transfer reminder only show up as a payment from the sending account?

When I look at the Monthly Bills & Deposits tab within Bill and Income Reminders, my transfers do not show a deposit into the receiving account - only a payment from the sending account. Comparing the payments and deposits at the bottom is useless. The transfer should be a zero net sum.


  • Sherlock
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    Generally, a bill and income reminder is associated with one account even though the transaction associated with the reminder may include one or more transfers.  A transfer reminder is distinct from a bill or income reminder but, if Quicken is going to display transfer reminders with bill and income reminders in a table with only one account identified, choosing to display the source account appears to be the better choice to me.  
  • JLP1976
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    The Monthly Bills & Deposits tab shows all accounts with reminders (Bills, Income, Transfer). It is a nice summary of deposits and payments. If I have a transfer setup to provide funds for upcoming payments, the transfer reminder only shows up as a payment. This distorts the picture by not showing the deposit. I just think it confuses the picture to show only half of the transaction in the table. PS I don't see any way to select accounts on this table - only the graph at the bottom.
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