Quicken file will not open under Parallels

I am using Quicken Windows Subscription running under Parallels on a Mac. When I last opened my data file (a few days ago) everything worked fine. Today I went to open it and, while it appeared to opening, there was no visible window that opened. So I cannot see the file (assuming it opened OK). For some reason the Quicken window does not open. I have rebooted the computer, rebooted Parallels and nothing seems to solve it.


  • Frith
    Frith Member ✭✭
    Ignore the problem above. It was actually opening OK in a minimized Parallels window. All that was needed was to maximize the window. In Parallels you can minimize (to the dock) the app, or minimize the app window. User error - and one of those with an easy solution once one knew what to look for.
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