Check Pay--Duplicate Checks paid with same check numbers & incorrect amounts

My nightmare for the last 2 weeks was to find out that multiple incorrect checks had been sent out of my checking account by Quick Pay. An authorized payment for $652 became 2 payments of that amount sent to the vendor. Like wise a payment for $406 became 2 payments. Another for $96 also split into two.

More confusing, there are only 4 check numbers for these 6 checks. Their numbers were seemingly given at random by Check Pay. This really goofs up the register. None of these doubles were recorded in my Quicken register; I didn't find out about the duplicates until I later compared mine with the bank's online register.

I'm using the latest version of Q. Two times I called Q's Premium Support. The first level of support were folks who attempted to be helpful but were stymied. The incorrect checks were a real failure of the Check Pay system and not fixable by showing me how to "Validate and Repair" my Q file.

 Both conversations were long, as they had to consult with upper levels, back and forth. What I took away was that my register and Q's register of my Check Pay orders were the same; so the fault might lie with what one support agent called, their "partner company Smart Payables." I guess those must be the people who actually print and send the checks.

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced anything like this. The old BillPay system was always superb in my 10+ years experiences. And it was prompt! Even when I ordered checks sent by mail, that always happened within 4-7 days. As it now is, when you enter a Check Pay order, it gives a similar time frame.

For example, I initiated a payment on 10/4 to be delivered by 10/9. Sixteen days later on 10/27 it was delivered.

So be careful with Check Pay. I assume that Q cannot allow these failures to last and will work to get them fixed. So I am planning to take a break from Check Pay for the next few months and have my bank send out my checks. Along the way I'll use Check Pay to send a few non-urgent checks so that I can see whether they are properly handled.
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