How do I resolve the error code 6930 in Quicken 2014?

I have two accounts in Quicken 2014. One I can open with no problems. One I keep getting the error code 6930. I have used Quicken for years before I purchased 2014 and in the six years I have had the 2014 version, I have had no problems. I did recently purchase a new computer, an HP.

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  • Rich_M
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    @cklobnak How recently did you purchase this new computer?

    How did you go about transferring your data file to the HP and installing Quicken on it?

    Were you getting this error code initially or did it start to happen later?

    Have you installed other software on the computer since installing Quicken?

    This code sounds like some sort of runtime error caused by an installation issue.
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  • cklobnak
    cklobnak Member
    Thank you Greg_the_Geek for the information! I used the patch and now can use my Quicken 2014!