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Market Value of Mortgage-Based Securities is Incorrect

When I download bundled mortgage-based security transactions from my investment company (Charles Schwab) Quicken calculates incorrect values because it ignores the pool factor. Anyone know how that can be fixed?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2020
    The same basic question was asked here
    and I gave the best answer I could given the fact that I've never owned a mortgage-backed security.
    Since there's no field to hold a "factor" to determine a market price in Quicken it seems to me you have to derive the correct number to put into the price quote field.
    Question to you: are distributions to you from the CMO/REMIC split between  principal and interest or is that all handled in the year-end reporting?
  • GolferJim
    GolferJim Member
    CMO/REMIC doesn't come into play for me since these holdings are in an IRA account, so any $$ I take out is treated as regular income. Also, I realize there is no Quicken field for the pool factor, but I was hoping a question here might trigger some thought on their part to include it. Trying to derive the correct number myself is not a realistic option. We're talking about a managed investment account (PIMCO Total Return) with 40-50 mortgage bundles, all with different pool factors, and changing on a regular basis. Right now if I want to know what the investment is actually worth my only option is to ignore Quicken and log into my Schwab account.
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