"Investing" tab - Add "Avg. Annual Return" option based on full length of investment

This is a request for Quicken to please add in the "Investing" tab a column option for "Avg. Annual Return (%)" based on the full investment period. Right now, "Avg. Annual Return (%)" is only available for YTD, 1-Year, 3-Year, or 5-Year periods.

Based on previous questions about this topic, I am aware that this figure is available in a "Invest Performance" report. However, it would be VERY convenient to have this as an option in the "Investing" tab as well.
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  • q_lurker
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    Just my opinion, but that "full investment period" should be defined by: Option / Preferences selection for "Show return calculations from" and the "As of" date for the portfolio view.  Normally, those would be "Earliest to date" and "Today", but the user might want to be choosing a different period.  Following those date specifications would be for program consistency.