Check Pay count against quota is WRONG

I'm running Quicken 2020 R29.22 on Windows 10 x64. Check Pay is telling me that I've used up my quota of checks for the month (and that it will reset on Nov 13). It says I've sent 6 checks in the current period. I have only one checking account signed up for Check Pay. Yet when I look in my Checking Account register, I have sent ZERO checks since Oct 13. I was able to submit 1 Check Pay transaction. Quicken will not permit a second check.

WTF? I tried going to the Quicken Support page, but nothing was there. Anybody, ideas??

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    I did call Quicken this afternoon. After 90 minutes (!!), several file downloads and letting them attach to my computer and view my screen they did two things:

    1. Gave me a bump to 50 checks for this month, which will alleviate the squeeze on my Check Pay bills.

    2. "Escalated" this as an important bug.

    If they don't fix this soon, I guess I'll be back up against it when the bump on Check Pays expires later this month. I guess we will just see...
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    This gets worse. I jsut spent almost an hour on the phone with Quicken support again, because THEY SENT A CHECK and I had no record of it! Worse, the next check I sent USED THE SAME CHECK number. YIKES! WHy? Because the Check Pay system uses whatever is in the register for the check number, EVEN WHEN you check the Online Status indicator.

    The agent I spoke with explained that "they have some problems" with check pay... no kidding. I asked why there isn't any sort of record we can reference (in the Online Center or web) of what Quicken thinks was sent a la the old Quicken Billpay. He had no answer but said the feedback will be passed along.
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    I learned several days ago that what Quicken Support told me about check numbers is 100% WRONG! I now have pictures of two checks Quicken Checkpay sent out. And they BOTH have the SAME check number! That is just so broken. I'll be calling them back with this info during the week.
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