Hide hidden accounts in IOS version

I have several hidden securities (investment) accounts in my Quicken for Mac. However, when I use Quicken for iPad, those accounts are not hidden. It's very frustrating to see so many useless accounts, all with zero assets, on the screen. Please teach Quicken for iPad to hide those 'hidden' accounts.

Thank you
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  • jacobs
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    @PhilSchaefer42  You may not have seen this, but when they released the latest version of Quicken Mac, the developers included this note about hidden accounts:
    In the last release, we added the ability to specify display settings for an account and to mark them as hidden, closed, or separate. This changed the way they were grouped in the sidebar. Now, we've added the ability to completely hide these groups in the sidebar. Select the three dots at the top of the sidebar to change your account display options. This only affects Quicken for Mac. These accounts, even if synced, will continue to appear on Web and Mobile.
    There are different development teams at Quicken who work on the Windows, Mac and mobile products. Since both the Mac and windows versions of Quicken sync to the same mobile app, they try to stay in sync for features when they can. In this case, it seems that the Mac development team decided to release an enhancement Quicken Mac users had been clamoring for, even though the architecture to mirror it in the mobile app didn't exist yet.

    I'd suggest you post this feature request over in the Quicken Mobile category, because it's the Quicken Mobile app which needs to be updated, not Quicken Mac.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    For what it's worth Quicken Windows is supported hidden account for much longer than Mac ever did.

    This is purely a Quicken mobile/web problem.  There are many many many features that the desktop version support that the mobile and web ones don't. In between the web and mobile the web support many more features than the mobile.
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  • jacobs
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    @Chris_QPW , that's what I'm saying. The Mac team added functionality Mac users were waiting for, but they didn't have a way to make the mobile app honor the same settings they made available in the desktop program.

    Quicken Mac has had hidden accounts forever, too; what's new to Quicken Mac recently is "separate" accounts, which don't count towards your net worth, and "closed accounts", which simply zero the account and hide them (but unlike Windows, a closed account can be re-opened at the click of a button).
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