Better SIZE CONTROL so that you can utilize having more than one window open on your screen! (Q Mac)

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I detest the limitations on the size of the window that we are forced to use. If you have a big screen, not a problem, but when you are on a smaller laptop and want to be able to enter into Quicken items you have purchased from confirmation received via email, or a website, etc., then it is almost impossible without having to flip back and forth.
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  • jacobs
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    It's not a complete solution to this issue, but if you open an account in a separate window -- double-click on the account name in the sidebar -- the window can be made smaller than the main Quicken window. On a 13" laptop, it can be reduced to about 40% of the total screen area, which makes it possible to view windows from other apps on the side and/or below the Quicken window.
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  • I run a Current Month report and 1/2 of the window is empty because I can't reduce the width size of the individual window. So I'm taking up a lot of space on the screen for nothing. Why can't I control the size of a window?