Can I turn off auto-enter bill reminders from being added?

I have a second ongoing problem with a slow account, but I really think it's due to all these falsely generated auto-enter bill reminders, all with $0. (Well, the vast majority of them, anyway.) Can this feature be shut off? It's not really useful to me, I have one monthly bill I've added, my rent. Everything else I get emails about, so it's not really necessary to have Quicken "big brother" me about them.

I am running Windows 10


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    Hi @deliusfan,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    To turn on off Auto-entry for a Bill Reminder you can go up to Tools > Manage Bill & Income Reminders (Ctrl+J)

    Under the All Bills & Deposits tab you should see all of your Bill Reminders. You will notice "Auto" under Status next to the specific Reminder you are referring to.

    Select the desired future-dated Reminder and choose Edit.

    In the bottom left of the Edit Bill Reminder window you will see the Auto enter option. Click Change.

    Depending on the type of Bill Reminder, you may see different options available to you. You will want to select the dial for Remind me "0" days in advance. Click OK.

    The Status of the Reminder will now show "Upcoming".

    Please feel free to respond to this thread with any additional questions or concerns.
  • deliusfan
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    Apparently I am talking about a different thing; all your reminders are legit! I mean that I have had reminders just willy-nilly added (which I thought the "auto" part referred to) to my bills and income page. So maybe my question doesn't have an answer? I even looked to see if I could "decline all suggested reminders" under the suggest reminders tab on options, but it's ghosted out.
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