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Capital One asks me to re-authorize every time I download

This has been going on for a few weeks now, but every single time I perform an update Capital One prompts me to re-authorize my accounts. Very annoying! Is there a workaround for fixing this? Thanks!


  • bunged_1bunged_1 Windows Beta
    Chase is doing the same thing just fyi.
  • enerancheneranch Member ✭✭
    Same for me, been doing it for over a month.
  • enerancheneranch Member ✭✭
    UPDATE: Just managed to fix my problem.

    We had 3 Credit Cards through Capital One and all 3 were linked to Quicken & used to work just fine.

    About 2 months ago we cancelled 2 of the Credit Cards & closed them in Quicken. this is when the problems started.

    Every time I did a OSU I would get the "Capital One Credit Card requires you to Authorize your Accounts", so I would go throw the process 3 times & it didn't do any good.

    I have done a Validation/SuperValidation multiple times hoping this would solve the problem & it didn't.

    I just went in & deleted all 3 accounts after doing a Backup, then did a Validation & it found 3 transactions linked to one or more of the Accounts & it found this:
    "The following transaction(s) were linked to account(s) that are no longer in Quicken. Quicken has changed them to indicate that the account was deleted. Please check them and set the category or destination account correctly. Make sure that this does not duplicate transactions."

    So I closed Quicken & reopened the Program 3 times, running a OSU on all 3 & the Authorization Error did not show at all.

    The one CC account we still have with Capital One is not used, so at the moment there is no need to track it in Quicken.
  • Chris3Chris3 Member ✭✭
    Yeah, I definitely think mine is related to having recently closed an account. That's when my issue began as well. Unfortunately, I have several accounts at Capital One, all of which are heavily used, so deleting the accounts isn't really an option in my case.
  • Chris3Chris3 Member ✭✭
    So for what it's worth, I finally just fixed this for myself. Definitely not the ideal solution, but it works.

    After reading something in another thread, I decided to make a copy of my data file, and in that file I created a new account not tied to any online services.

    I then took all of the transactions from the recently closed Capital One account and moved them into that newly created account. This was the somewhat tedious part because part of my split paycheck went into that account, so I had to go to the primary account where the paycheck was deposited and update the account in the split to the newly created account (luckily this account was only around for a couple years so it wasn't terrible).

    After making sure all of the transactions had been moved over, I fully deleted the old account. I tested doing OSU's a few times, exiting and restarting Quicken, and I no longer am getting the authorization message. I might have a couple of reports to redo, though frankly since that account is closed I don't really care about it.

    Hope this helps someone!
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