One Step Update

There needs to be a way to stop One Step Update.  Currently the only way to abort OSU is to go to task manager in and click End Process for Quicken.  Also OSU should be run in the background.  Currently once OSU is running you can not do anything else in Quicken until it is finished.
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  • Dean Hinson
    Dean Hinson Member ✭✭
    > @DavidGeschke said:
    > I narrowed it down to one account creating the crash for me: Edward Jones Investments.

    My One Step Update has been running for over an hour.
  • Lynchs826
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    edited November 2020
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    Thank you for removing my post without providing an answer or pointing to a thread where is was answered. 

    Still waiting for an update on the PNC connection failures from last week and whether the issue today with OSU is somehow related.  OSU has been declared "fixed" but PNC Direct Connect - which was working previously - now fails.