I get error code CC-501 when trying to connect to Union Bank

I have restored from a backup, removed all my union bank accounts, recreated all accounts, changed passwords, changed pin numbers, called phone support, sent them my log files, called phone support again, called the bank, sat on the phone with the bank and the quicken rep, restore from a backup again, removed all my union bank accounts again, recreated all my bank accounts again, called phone support again, contacted chat support, sent log files and still this software won't connect to union bank. This all stated when I installed the update to quicken on 10/30/20. Prior to that this software was working. I have been using Quicken for over 10 years and all I get is "it must be the bank's fault". So why can't you fix this. I have spend over 5 hours and have waited for 1 week now trying to get a resolution.
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