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Everytime I open quicken (Home & Business Win10) I get a screen that says to "Select your existing data file to begin." It's the same data file I've been using for years and had been opening right away - why is it now asking this? When I select File>Open its sitting right there. Do I have some preference set wrong? It's not a showstopper - just real annoying to have to take extra steps to open the same old data file.



  • Sherlock
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    I suspect you may be using a shortcut to open Quicken referencing a Quicken file that is not accessible.  If you aren't already, I suggest opening the Quicken application or the Quicken file itself.  If you want to continue to use a shortcut to open Quicken, I suggest you recreate the shortcut.
  • splasher
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    By chance is there a space in the file's name just before the period?
    If so, remove the space using Windows Explorer, then double-click on the renamed file to start Quicken with that file and reset the last file used so that Quicken will open that file the next time you use the normal Quicken icon.
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