Importing Budget Data from Excel

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Is this feature being planned?

I believe some of us devote some time to develop the next year Budget and explore several scenarios related for Inflows and Outflows

At the end of the day, there is one scenario which becomes the "official" personal Budget

I would like to have a practical way to import the data to Quicken instead of manual feed
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  • Hi Everyone !
    I believe that this is going to be a huge improvement ! I do my budget on Excell and retype every time the figures is really annoying ! Thanks for understanding Quicken People !
  • Yes, please add the ability to import and export budgets in Quicken! This would be extremely helpful since Quicken mobile sync keeps randomly deleting my budgets and forcing me to start over. I would like to use both features (Budgeting and Mobile App) but these two features seem to be incompatible. This has been an ongoing issue for many years and I stopped using the mobile app because of budget syncing issues. Gave it another try recently, and sure enough, my budget has been deleted several times after mobile syncing!
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    Definitely support this recommendation especially since budget data often disappears from quicken file forcing me to restore from back up, sometimes losing hours of data work.
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    Also want to reinforce the fact that budget data often gets deleted after mobile syncing.  Unfortunately that means I don't use it.  Would be a nice feature if it didn't delete budget plans.  Does quicken acknowledge this flaw and are they doing anything about it????
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    You are, of course, aware that you can have more than one named budget table in Quicken, "Budget 1", "Budget 2", "Test Budget", etc.?
    All budget tables coexist within the same Quicken data file and are updated as you work with transactions.
    The same budget table that you use for the current year can be extended to cover the next year any time.
    If the Sync process clobbers your budgets, I would advise you don't sync at all until Quicken programmers get a round tuit and fix all these sync issues. Personally, I don't sync because I don't need it and I haven't had any data file issues ... so far ... shhh! Don't tell Mr. Murphy! :wink:
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    After many hours of chats and online fixes Quicken still changes my budget every time I go in. So, to do a budget report, I first have to re-enter my own budget numbers. Syncing makes no difference. If I could download my budget into quicken it would save me a lot of data entry