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I have Quicken 14. One bank account got too large for my old computer RAM. It shut down and went to report an error, but never connects. On start up it goes back to the same place and displays the same error. Now I cannot get into any part of quicken on start up, it is just frozen. I've restarted computer a number of times. Will Updating Quicken software reconfigure? I can stand to lose earlier entries on that account, but one other account is very important.

Error Code: 6957

It says "Quicken online backup not activated" and then says it cannot reach the link (probably because version of Quicken so old?).


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    Have you recently installed (or reinstalled) Quicken 2014?
    If so, because this software is no longer supported, you need to download and install all available bug fixes (patch files) using the procedure below. That should resolve error codes 6xxx.
    Also, because there's no support, you cannot access any Online Backup that may have previously been available. To restore a data file you need to use the Automatic or Manual Backup copies created by Quicken on your personal drives.

    Old Quicken Patch downloads 2000+

    When running an old, unsupported Quicken for Windows version you may no longer be able to download bug fixes (patch files) directly from Quicken.
    However, until further notice they are still available here:
    US version:
    Canadian version:
    If clicking on Help / About Quicken does not show the highest Release number available for your version (year), as shown on this webpage, download and install the appropriate file(s) from the link above.

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    Quicken used to offer an online backup option.  I never used it.  I thought it died off or was cancelled a few year ago.  Could that be the root of the problem?
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