Why is the reminder being deleted vs being marked as Paid ?

While processing a downloaded transaction I get a popup that asks if this transaction is the same as the bill reminder. When I reply yes, the transaction is processed into the correct account ledger but the reminder is deleted from the reminder display, rather than being marked as paid. Why? This started happening sometime around June 2020.


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    Why? This started happening sometime around June 2020.
    I would add it to the list of Online Bills/Quicken Bill Manger bugs.

    The "reminder/prompt" is quite old and is basically doing what it has always done and is correct in the sense that what it is asking you is "should I skip this reminder because in fact the transaction that would match with it is already in the register?".

    If you answered no, then you would have both that transaction and when then a second one when the reminder is entered into the register.

    But of course since they are now providing you with the "paid status" you rightfully expect that it would be marked paid.  But there what I think is happening is that there are different "flows" (the user hitting certain buttons) that there is code to mark it paid.  This "old automatic flow" of skipping the reminder was "missed" when they thought of all the places they should mark the reminder paid.

    I will also point out this process of detecting that a transaction you have already download is the same as a future reminder is very "flaky".  It sometimes finds such a reminder and prompts you, and sometimes it doesn't.

    You really shouldn't rely on it.  Instead you should try to make sure the reminders get entered into the register before the transaction is downloaded so that the matching to existing transactions will kick in.  This is much more reliable.
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