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Request that you adjust the size of a calculator that is very small and difficult to use. The split transaction window, obtained by clicking the green arrow in the category field on any register transaction that has been split, or by clicking the split command button when desiring to split a transaction into multiple categories, shows a calculator after clicking the amount field that permits adding or subtracting an amount that was already presented. I would like to see that calculator be about a 1/3 larger, with the numbers and operand symbols correspondingly larger.
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    You are aware, of course, that you can use the keyboard to enter numbers into this calculator? There's no need to laboriously mouse-click the tiny numbers in the calculator display area itself.
    e.g., 123.45+45+15.50[Enter]
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    Another option you may want to consider, if you haven't already, is to check View > Use Large Fonts
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    OR, how about just opening the Windows Calculator when one clicks the Calculator icon in Q?
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    Or open the Calculator instead of the transaction calculator: select Tools > Calculator  

    As we may add the Calculator to the Toolbar, we may even create an Alt + Shift shortcut for even easier access.  Note: The Calculator automatically loads the amount and includes a Paste button.