Online updates cause Quicken to completely delete accounts from data file, requiring a restore

In one of my Quicken data files, when I do an online update to update the transactions for three accounts, it successfully connects to the financial institution but then completely deletes the accounts from the Quicken database, requiring that the file be restored from a backup. Here are relevant facts:

- This was first noticed this weekend, November 14-15, 2020. Prior to that, this file has been successfully updated for a long time.
- This is using Quicken Premier – R29.22 using a Quicken Subscription
- This is on Windows 10 Pro version 20H2, specifically build 19042.630
- The account being connected to is connecting to Premier Members Credit Union using Express Web Connect
- This data file is not synced to
- This file has been validated and super-validated, showing no errors.
- This has been replicated three times on the same file.

I placed a support call on this issue with Quicken Support, resulting in ticket #8102883. The support technician said that they have been hearing reports of problems like this. They do not have a solution yet and they said I will just have to wait to see a post in the Community Forum indicating that it has been fixed. In the meantime, I cannot do any online updates without having the accounts deleted from my data file.

I am submitting this issue using the Quicken Help->Report a Problem interface and also posting it in the Community Forum.

This is obviously a serious issue. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Any feedback from the folks at Quicken?

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