LPL uses a stock cash account - need to sell at $1/share then XOUT proceeds .

Tried to do this sale manually but I see the proceeds? dialogue is greyed out. The cash amount is entered as N/A. No placeholders, opened up a backup file in case the file was corrupted. Windows version R30.10. I notice that LPL entries for sales are the same - but their entries work...


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Welcome to the forum. I cannot understand your problem. And I had to look up to see what LPL is.
    Can you be really specific and include screen shots if they will clarify? You will need to capture screen shots to files and drag them into the forum response text area.
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  • rhartman
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    Thanks for your reply. Making transaction from another firm. I did try that and it worked selectively - but not for a transaction 7 weeks ago - maybe too old. In any event, appreciate the support.
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