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The suggestion to add an "amount" criteria to the renaming rules toolbox has been previously suggested/ignored. My wife and I receive several monthly transactions (including Social Security benefit payments) where the "Payee" information is identical and the only difference in the transaction notification is the amount. It would REALLY help if the renaming rules provided some additional logic (such as an amount range) to differentiate these transactions. Another potential criteria might be a monthly date range - i.e. monthly 6-10th or 22-30. Another earlier string requested the ability to apply Renaming Criteria on an account basis - as well as universally. None of these suggestions appear difficult to implement but would appreciably enhance the utility of the Renaming function.

BTW - Some of the earlier responses suggested that the Renaming Rules currently search both the Payee and Memo fields. AFAIK, that is not accurate for current versions - and doesn't help anyway since downloaded transactions don't populate the Memo field...
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    If you receive recurring payments like Soc. Sec. it might be better if you created and used Scheduled Reminders and recorded these transactions a couple of days before the Due date. You know how much you receive and how to split these amounts among tax categories, e.g.,
    The downloaded transaction from the bank does not contain this information.
    Use distinct Payee Names for "Soc. Sec. (Me)" and "Soc. Sec. (Spouse)" to keep them separate. Also use distinct "(Me)" and "(Spouse)" subcategories for proper tax reporting.
    Record each reminder a couple of days before Due Date. This makes it possible for Quicken to match the downloaded transaction to the already existing register transaction without causing any problems.
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    UKR - Thanks for the suggestion. I would MUCH prefer the added functionality, but (given the current limitations), your approach seems the best work-around. I dislike the introduction of premature entries in the register as the government posting dates can fluctuate significantly, but it's the only way to avoid possible duplicate transactions.
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    Soc. Sec. deposits arrive in my checking account like clockwork every 3rd Wednesday of the month. A Scheduled Reminder can easily handle this situation:
    To set this up, just select Monthly, then select from left to right the remaining 3 fields, every [1] month on the [3rd] [Wednesday]. The list of weekdays only becomes available after setting [1st] ... [4th].
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    Better additional criteria would include the ability to select "Starts with:" and "Includes words:".  I thought that the renaming rules used to include this option

    Right now I have a renaming rules for Amazon
    One reads AMZN DIGITAL and it is being interpreted by the renaming rules and if these words appear in the Payee then it gets renamed to Amazon Kindle.  Transactions are coming across as AMZN Mktp US and then the word DIGITAL appears many spaces away and the payee is still being renamed to Amazon Kindle.  I created a new rule that says if Payee is named "AMZN Mkt US" then rename to "Amazon Market Place".  This rule is being ignores and the Payee still gets renamed to "Amazon Kindle".  Another example of a more refined renaming rule comes from American Airlines.  Their Payee comes across as American############# with a long string of numbers.  There is no way any rule can automatically detect this, so, I have to cancel and rename it manually.