Create new Brokerage Hybrid account type

I really do like the bill pay feature of Quicken for Mac, but I am frustrated that I cannot use my TD Ameritrade brokerage account to use this. It does not show up as a possible account to use, because it is a brokerage account. But many brokerage account have checking account features, which makes it a "hybrid brokerage" type of account. If there was another option for this type of account, then possibly the bill pay feature would work.

I know the workaround is to create a separate account to handle payments, but that really defeats the purpose, I think. This is the way I had to do it in the Windows version, and I really like the way that the Mac version has combined these feature into one account. After all, when you look at the account on the TD Ameritrade account, all transactions are listed together, and that is how Quicken should show it also.
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