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Tracking Donations by Donor for non-profit animal rescue using Home and Business

New to using Home and Business for a small non-profit animal rescue. What is the best method to track donations by donor (person)? Currently, we setup each donor as a Tag. Goal is track amount of donations per donor, cash or in-kind. In addition, a donor could reimburse the rescue for bulk food purchase and using a tag for a donor complicates the tracking of donations. We didn't use Quick Books since there are no paid employees. Thank you for suggestions.


  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    It seems to me that the problem with tracking donors by TAG is that you can't associate any contact info with a tag.
    I'd take a look, since you're running H&B, at using CUSTOMERS as donors.
    THEN, among other things, you could actually send your donors reports at year-end about what they had donated.
    If a donor makes a pledge, record it as an Account Receivable ... and pay off that receivable when you actually receive the money.
    If they just straight donation (no pre-donation pledge) I'd still use the A/R function ... and just record it as paid at the same time
    You can use the various Line Items (on A/R) to distinguish between cash and in-kind donations.
    If a donor reimburses you for a purchase, you'd STILL use the A/R function..
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