Exporting reports - option to un-group

Transaction reports require the user to specify a 'row' such as the payee, and this returns a report like this:

Payee 1
Transaction 1
Transaction 2
Payee 2
Transaction 1


This is fine for reading on-screen, but if you export to CSV, to open in a spreadsheet, it's almost unusable, given what someone would want to do in a spreadsheet. The better format on export would be:

Payee 1 Transaction 1
Payee 1 Transaction 2
Payee 2 Transaction 1


There would be one column per field, with no grouping. Data that appears more than once (like payee when you have several payments to the same payee) would be repeated.

I think it's impossible for a built-in reporting feature, no matter how good, to do everything that someone might want with their Quicken data. Export is a critical feature, but currently is almost useless.
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