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How to Restore/Find Missing Data & Backups

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  • catagaie
    catagaie Member
    Help! I am new and can't figure out how to post a questions so I hope this gets through! About 3+ weeks ago, suddenly all my Quicken data disappeared from my MacBook Air and my iPhone 8. This happened once before and Quicken support showed me how to restore from a backup file. Well, I finally have time to attend to this today, and I spent an hour on the phone with Quicken support who told me 1) to put my MalWareBytes app in the trash. 2) to call Apple to see if I have malware: I don't: Apple just helped me restore the MalwareBytes app and ran a scan: nothing showed up.Anyway, the backups are listed in Quicken, but there is nothing IN them since July! They are empty. That means all my records that I input since July are MISSING! That's one questions. 2) 2nd question: Although my Quicken says it is saving any given backup to the "Documents" file on my computer, there is no Quicken data in there since 2015! WHERE is Quicken putting my data in the MacBook? Apparently nowhere? Anyway, I really need help to get back my data. And finally, silly me, I finally started backing up my entire MacBook to an external drive in November.... So I don't have an independent backup :-(. My bad. I already ordered a 2nd external drive and am going to get Crashplan as a third backup, but can anyone help me now to get back my data?!?!?? Thank you so much!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @catagaie  I'm sorry to hear of your problems. It would help to know what version of Quicken Mac you are using, and also what version of macOS.
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