Automated Mac Backups Should Not be Dependent on Quitting

On Macs when you close Quicken by clicking the red window close button on the top left of the window the app does not Quit. (This is true of most, but not all, Mac apps.) It only quits if you select Quicken->Quit from the menu or if you reboot your computer. Automated backups are kicked off only when the app quits, not when the app window closes. Until I figured this out I rarely quit Quicken -- generally only when rebooting my Mac for some other reason. I noticed that I wasn't getting many backups. So now I am careful to actually Quit on a regular basis.

I think many of your users don't realize this and are not therefore getting as many automated backups as they would like.

I suggest a setting that allows users to select automated backups based on either time gaps or number of times they close their app window.
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