Remove exclamation point next to Net Worth when all hidden accounts are marked as Closed.

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I posted this in the questions section, but this is probably a better place for this:

I find the exclamation point next to "Net Worth" less than useful since all my hidden accounts are marked as closed and are at $0. I thought this was because I had never marked accounts as closed (is this a relatively new option or did I missed it?). Trying to get rid of it I changed all "Hidden" accounts to "Closed" but the exclamation point remains. Displaying Closed accounts puts them under a group labelled as Hidden (but does remove the exclamation point). I believe the exclamation point should not be shown for closed accounts as it adds no information but does create confusion as to whether all assets are being displayed in the side bar.

Hovering over the exclamation point displays: "There are 27 accounts that are not included in Net Worth because they are not visible in the sidebar." Again, these are all marked at "Closed".

QM Deluxe 6.0.1. Mac OS 10.14.6
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