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FAQ: Discover Card “External Not Validated” Quick Pay error

Some customers making payments to their Discover card via Quick Pay are failing due to receiving an “External Not Validated” error. 

External Not Validated means that the biller cannot validate the account the payment is being made from.

To Resolve This:
  1. Log into Discover website.
  2. Select the Discover Card account you wish to pay.
  3. View the payment accounts on the Payments Source pull-down menu.
  4. If the payment account nickname does not include the last 4 digits of the payment account, edit the nickname to add the last 4 digits.
  5. The website will present a “temporary identification code” challenge, where a code is sent to your mobile phone by text, or via email. Once the code is entered on the web page you should now be able to view & edit the payment account.
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