Customize what info is displayed for Bill Reminders

Every month I have multiple Scheduled bills for - one for $10 for wife, one for $20 for dogs, one for $20 for myself, etc (usually 4-7 in any one month - yes Amazon Prime member). In both the Home Page / Bills Due / Bill Reminders section and the Bill and Income Reminders popup - it only says I have a bill for and the amount. But without showing the category/tag or memo - it is really hard to tell which is which. I have to edit each one in order to find the right entry I need to enter (each doesn't always ship on the day it is scheduled for).

With widescreen monitors so prevalent these days, there is lot of space to add extra transaction info (especially on the home screen; the popup already has quite a few columns).
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  • UKR
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    In similar situations, when I have two payments to the same company, I always use distinct Payee Names, e.g.,
    ACME Insurance {Car}
    ACME Insurance {Home}
    BTW, you can use any construct that makes it distinct, e.g., "ACME (Car)" or "ACME - Car" or ...
    The use of {curly braces} is a holdover from when I printed and mailed checks. Text in {} is not printed in the "Pay order of ..." field of a check, but is shown and used everywhere else.
  • Darren@
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    Yeah, that is a workaround. But when I want to run a report that shows how much I spend with payee "ACME Insurance", I now have multiple payees I need to include. There really is only one payee - ACME Insurance. Not a payee per memo item. :-)
  • Add "Account" and "Category" columns to the "Bill and Income Reminders" page because then when I have to close one credit card because of fraud, it would be easy to know which bills need to be transfered to the new account
  • yerolpal
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    In the Register View, the Bill and Income Reminders shows up as its default view with
    Status-Due-Pay To/Receive From/PDF/Amount/Web/Action.
    I've poked around in all the settings and right clicked what seems like everywhere but can't seem to find an adjustment to the Bill and Income Reminders title bar to include the Memo in the Register window display.
    Is that control available and I just missed it? Point me to it.
    Thanks for any insights.
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    Hello @yerolpal

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to ask your question. At this time there is not an option to add the memo field to the bills and income screen.

    I have moved your post to an ongoing Idea to add this ability to Quicken. Please visit the top of the post to add your vote.

    When an idea has gained enough votes it is submitted to our development team for consideration.

    -Quicken Tyka