Another BOA problem

Since the recent problem with Bank of America blocking updates, my updates aren't accurate. Basically, the "online balance" that is being downloaded takes into account pending transactions, which do not download. It's very confusing to reconcile against the online balance, which I have always been able to do before now. When I go to the BOA online banking I can clearly see the problem--basically, Quicken is not downloading the actual current balance any more. What's up?


  • Mark1104
    Mark1104 Member ✭✭✭✭
    what version of Quicken are you on and are you using direct connect or webconnect.  I have used BOA for 20 years and do not have the issue you are describing. '

    My pending transactions do not download as they are what the Bank would call ' soft posts' and aren't really part of the balance. That almost sounds like a Bank issue and not a Q issue (I used to work at BOA). 

    the 'actual current balance' should not include pending transactions - again, the pending transactions are 'soft posts' in BOA vernacular. 
  • mneiluk
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    I'm using the Mac subscription product. I've been a Quicken user since I had to put floppies in my dual drive! :wink:

    My BOA account is downloading using Quicken Connect. Before the recent BOA downtime, it was working perfectly. Now here's what's happening (using made up numbers)

    BOA shows a current balance of 1000 and a pending transaction of 500. Quicken is downloading a current online balance of 500 and not downloading the pending transaction.

    I would not expect it to download the pending transaction--as you say. However, I would expect the online balance to be 1000 for the purposes of reconciling my account to the online balance.

    Hope that clarifies. Thanks!
  • Mark1104
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    the way you describe that it sounds like an issue on the BOA side of things.  Quicken wouldn't know the online balance without BOA telling Quicken what the balance is. 

    Have you contacted BOA and asked for technical support? Did they do a change to their systems that inadvertently began passing the balance including the 'soft posts"?  If you call them, suggest using the term 'soft posts' instead of 'pending transactions' as it more speaks their internal language. 
  • keganje
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    I too am having issues connecting to B of A, it worked fine until a week or two ago, I have tried everything I have found, I realize its probably a issue caused by B of A. That being said as someone that has been using Quicken for, I believe more than 20 years, the last few years I have wished there was a alternative, it really is not a good program anymore.
  • Mark1104
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    @keganje - what is the specific issue? I connect with BOA daily without issue 
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