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Quicken currently only allows you to specify a First In/First Out or Last In/First Out default for investment transaction downloads. This is not very helpful. Users should be able to specify "Minimum Gain" or "Maximum Gain" as a default. The download and accepting process becomes very tedious for dozens of transactions since this functionality is not present.
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  • UKR
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    Just for reference ... this is where these settings are made, individually by account:

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  • Bahamas811
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    Thank you for your response, but you clearly did not read my comment. As I stated, Quicken allows you to specify either First In/First Out or Last In/First Out as the default share allocation, but it does not allow you to specify Minimum Gain or Maximum Gain. This creates a large problem when you have dozens of transactions to download and accept since you have to manually specify the lots for each and every trade. Please vote for my comment/suggestion.
  • RedCab
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    totally agree... it takes 4 clicks on every transaction to manually specify the lots to achieve minimum gain (or max gain if that's of your interest). 25 transactions? That's 100 clicks. Please add this.
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