Bills and Income Tab - Why are bill, income, and transfer views not integrated?

To set the stage: I want to use the Reminders features of Bills and Income. I am not using Quicken Bill pay.

My expectations are that Next 90 days Projected Balances will include income, transfers, and spending whether these are connected to the Web or manually entered. Not even close! I see income but the scheduled web and manual bills are not there except my utility bill and my manually entered real estate tax. The mobile phones, cable tv, internet, water and gas utilities, etc. etc. are not included when calculating the Project Balances.

To add to the confusion: When I click Manage Manual Bills and Income, on the tab All Bills & Deposits only the manually entered items are shown. So much for "all". If I click the tab Repeating Online nothing appears. BUT if I go to Bills & Income / Bills tab, lo and behold the many online Bills do appear. Why is there an Online option on the Manage Manual Bills that does not show those?

Finally, I want to get a report of all recurring income, bills, and transfers. Sorry out of luck! The window that appears when I click Manage Manual Bills and Income does have a Print option. BUT again it does not show All on the All Bills & Deposits tab. So it appears I'm out of luck if I want a report of ALL (seriously ALL) reminders of income, bills, and transfers.

HELP me understand how these reminder tools integrate or don't. Am I looking at the wrong place? Unrealistic expectations?



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    "Bills and Income Tab - Why are bill, income, and transfer views not integrated?"
    Under Edit > Preferences > Navigation you can change that.

  • Yes, I set preference to Combine Bills, Income and Transfers. This means that the Bills, Income, and Transfers screen shows all. Does not fix the integration problem of the other views. With this selection the following issues still prevail.
    1) On the Manage Manual Bills and Income - the All Bills and Deposits tab does not show All. It does not match what is shown on the Combine Bills, Income, and Transfers view. I have no recurring Transfers so that is irrelevant on any view. The tab probably should read All MANUAL Bills and Deposits.
    2) On the Manage Manual Bills and Income - Repeating Online tab shows NOTHING. Of course this makes sense at one level. Anything that is Online is not manual. But then why is this tab on the Manage Manual Bills and Income?
    3) On the Manage Manual Bills and Income - the Scheduled tab shows no Reminders. I have ALL (nasty little word) multiple accounts selected. Still nothing scheduled. What am I supposed to see here? Is there some other category of things that are Scheduled that are not recurring Bills, Deposits, Income, or Transactions?
    3) There is no report or capability to print all recurring Bills, Income, and Transfers. But there is a print capability on the Manage Manual Bills and Income. I love that tab. If only there was a print or report button on Bills, Income, and Transfers screen. And if that button could print to a tabbed txt file for excel. Nirvana.
    4) This preference does nothing to help the useless Projected Balance screen. Even with Multiple Accounts selecting ALL (that word again) accounts only the manual entered bills are shown. Duh, the Online Bills apparently don't tie to an account. Therefore, in order to make the Projected Balance meaningful, online Bills and Deposits cannot be used. In other words, the Projected Balance may only be meaningful if all Bills and Income reminders are MANUAL. Sorry I have unrealistic expectations for a Projected Balance when there exceptions to inputs that are not transparent. I currently have a dozen online Bills and 2 manually entered recurring bills and 2 manually entered recurring deposits. So Projected Balance = 2 deposits minus 2 bills. Forget about the dozen online bills (utilities, insurance, credit cards, etc.). They apparently won't change the Projected balance.

    Grumpy old man on COVID time,

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