Multiple Errors after R30.14 - and NOT using cloud syncing

I just wanted to register the fact that problems seem to have cropped up after the upgrade without the cloud sync feature turned on.
1. most recently entered bank transaction in database lost the history of having been scheduled at the bank (Wells Fargo). Transaction and check number there but was showing as "manually entered". Called bank and it was there and still scheduled.
2. (perhaps related to 1.) Bank account in 1. was showing status that a transaction was needing to be uploaded to the bank but none showing in "Online Center" to be uploaded (also same message when trying to close Quicken). Multiple attempts to "Update/Send" yielded no fix. Worked with tech chat for almost an hour and they had NO TOOLS TO FIND WHICH transaction was the problem. Finally quit working with them when they suggested starting to delete transactions until I found the one with the problem -- I have over 6400 transactions and that was NOT a viable option.
3. Some category was deleted by "File Validation" after the update but no indication of why. (Also no indication of what category it was).

I finally fixed everything using pre-update backups and multiple "File Validations" but mainly wanted to let folks know that R30.14 has more problems than issues with Cloud Sync.
Best, Jim


  • Roger M
    Roger M Member ✭✭✭✭
    I too have noticed some peculiarities with 30.14. I had a couple of scheduled transactions that were entered manually, and the resulting register transactions had errors, such as incorrect amounts, incorrect transfer categories, and missing check number. I reinstalled 30.10, then deleted and recreated the scheduled transactions. Then I ran a file validation, and all seems OK, at the moment.
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