One mortgage payment in my checking account creates two payments in my mortgage account. What can I

When I enter my mtg pmt in my checking account, I get two different entries in my mtg account. If I then delete the entry from my checking account, it gets rid of one of the pmts in the mtg account. I can then delete the second pmt in the mtg account, receiving a message that it is recording a transaction from an account that no longer exists. But when I try again the enter the pmt in my checking act, exactly the same thing happens.


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    Hi @ggjohnson,

    Can you give us some additional information so that we can help?

    Please tell us which version of both Quicken and Windows you are running.  Also, do you have a "scheduled transaction" set up for the mortgage payment, or do you enter it manually each month?  Are the "two different entries in my mtg account" identical or for different amounts?  Have you noticed any similar issues with other accounts?

    Let us know and we'll go from there.


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