Need ability to edit single instance of an auto enter reminder

In QWIN, if you set an income reminder to "Auto" enter, you lose the capability to edit just that one instance on the Bill and Income Reminders Screen (CTL-J).  There should be a drop down for the Edit button with choices for this instance only, or all future instances.  Moreover the present method  doesn't even make clear that using the Edit action applies to all future instances.
Quicken Premier Subscription, Windows 11 Home
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  • HowardC
    HowardC Member
    This also is a problem with Quicken Deluxe on Windows 10. I have scheduled estimated bills to show up in the register and they do show up as "auto". However, when I get the true amount of the bill, I cannot change the amount of that single line item.
    Also, for bills that are fixed, when the amount is downloaded from from the institution, it will not match, even though the payee and amount are the same. If I try to match manually, The "auto" item does not show up in the list. I find this very disturbing. It seems to have started within the past couple of months.