Add third Balance display type - "Transactions Balance" (to match QMac2007)

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In QMac2007, the balance displayed for each account includes future transactions that have been entered ahead of time, but excludes any scheduled transactions that haven't been paid. This is extremely helpful because it indicates how much money I have left in a checking account after all recorded payments have been made.

In QMac2020, "Today's Balance" shows all entered/paid transactions, excluding unpaid scheduled transactions, as of today's date. But that balance does not include any future transactions already entered/paid. And "Projected Balance" shows all entered/paid transactions and unpaid scheduled transactions - both prior to today's date and after today's date for however far forward you've chosen to show future occurrences in your register.

What I want is an additional option: "Transactions Balance" that will include all entered/paid transactions regardless of the date they're entered, and exclude all scheduled transactions that haven't been paid. So if I have scheduled transactions prior to today's date, they won't be included; but if I have entered/paid transactions any time after today's date, they will be included. Scheduled transactions in the future would also be excluded if not paid.

Using the attached register screenshot as an example, Today's Balance would be -$7,109.88; Projected Balance would be -$10,855.76; and Transactions Balance would be -$7,140.86.

For the example above based on the attached screenshot, Today's Balance would be calculated by taking the balance shown for today's date (-$8,332.78) and excluding the unpaid scheduled transactions prior to today's date (-$558, +$1, -$12.95, -$12.95, -$640), resulting in a total of -$7,109.88. Then the Projected Balance would be all shown transactions regardless of whether they've been paid or not, resulting in a total of -$10,855.76.

But then the Transactions Balance would be calculated by taking the balance shown for today's date (-$8,332.78), excluding the unpaid scheduled transactions prior to today's date (-$558, +$1, -$12.95, -$12.95, -$640), excluding the future scheduled transactions that haven't been paid (-$2,492), and adding in the future entered transactions that have been paid (-$14.99, -$15.99), resulting in a total of -$7,140.86. This is the total I want to be able to see all the time, just like I do in QMac2007.

I use this in QMac2007 every day to plan how much money I need to have in checking in order to pay all future bills for the month. So if my checking account has $10,000 to pay a $5,000 property tax payment, a $4,000 credit card bill, and a $3,000 tuition payment, I need to know that I'm short by $2,000 – even though those payments won't hit for several days. This way I will know to transfer in more money to checking to cover all the future bills. However, I also have tentative scheduled payments for other expenses (utilities, etc.) that will hit eventually, but the dollar amounts are not known until I receive the actual bills, so I don't want those scheduled transactions affecting the Transactions Balance shown by QMac2020. This is how it works in QMac2007, and I'd really like the ability to see my account balances the same way in QMac2020.

In addition to showing this new balance type when viewing an individual account, this preference should be selectable for showing ALL account totals in the left sidebar. If I've got future transactions already paid and have older scheduled transactions not being paid, I want my sidebar account totals to accurately reflect the amount of money I actually will have, not the faux balance Quicken thinks I'll have. This is especially essential for checking accounts, because once I set up a bill pay on my bank's website, I consider it paid and the money effectively gone from my account (even though the transaction may not occur for a couple of days). If Quicken isn't applying those future payments to the visible total, I might not know that in three days my account will be overdrawn! I have so many accounts that there's no guarantee I'll open each one every day to see in the register that a future transaction will put me in the red.

Finally, it would be helpful to be able to show two types of balance calculations simultaneously at the top right corner of the window, so - for example - one can see both "Transactions Balance" and "Today's Balance" at the same time.

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  • Blastphemy
    Blastphemy Mac Beta Beta
    So there's a rough workaround in case this shortcoming is annoying other QMac2007 users who were forced to upgrade to the current version because of Catalina – click on the clock icon in the top right (under the Search field) and select "Don't Show Reminders." This, of course, causes the account register to be a lot less useful because one can only access scheduled transactions on the Bills & Income page, but at least account balances display the same way they used to in QMac2007 (both on the account page and on the sidebar account list).

    I truly don't understand why Projected Balance includes reminders in its calculations. At least in my own accounts, there are many reminders/scheduled transactions that either don't always occur or the amount differs each time. They are not reliable for projecting a future balance by any means. I hope someone will vote for my suggestion!
  • Blastphemy
    Blastphemy Mac Beta Beta
    I guess no one likes this suggestion :(
  • jborzellino
    jborzellino Member ✭✭
    I like the suggestion and really it just amounts to adding other options in the "show reminders" pull down. In addition to your suggestion, another option could be "through the end of the current month" or a new way to make this more customizable. The reason for the "through the end of the current month" is that is how my income flows in and out. I get paid at the beginning of each month and what I want to see is where I am likely to be at the end of the current month before the next paycheck deposit.
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @Blastphemy,

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