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After the R30.14 update, One Step Update overwrites payees and categories [Edited]



  • If you've been doing regular backups of your entire computer, then look for the file xxxx.QDF in your backup where xxxx is the name of your Quicken datafile. Find the latest one, just before you had the Cloud problem. Restore this backed up file to the same place that Quicken kept the original (now corrupted) datafile. Be sure to delete the original file first.

    Reload Quicken and go to Edit / Preferences / Mobile and Web and turn Sync OFF. Then you should be able to download your transactions without any Cloud interference.
  • DimarcDimarc Member
    That was a perfect solution Mr. Holmes. Thank you so much! Should I expect this to happen again and the solution the same?
  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2020
    Dimarc said:
    That was a perfect solution Mr. Holmes. Thank you so much! Should I expect this to happen again and the solution the same?
    It will depend on what caused the original problem and when Quicken will fix the reset issue.
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  • ERedERed Member ✭✭
    > @edenjw said:
    > I only have mobile sync turned on for two accounts, neither of which were affected. This happened when Quicken cloud moved to another server. I don't want to go to a restored backup since I've already reentered the transaction categories. The categories that were deleted were for transactions dated after 9/11/20.

    I have a similar situation, the accounts that have been affected by this loss of information (categories, tags, notes, etc) is not any of the accounts that I have turned on for mobile sync.

    Most, if not all, of the affected transactions were not 'reconciled'. However, it is random which of the remaining transactions were altered.
  • Neither my memo or category sections are reflecting correct information.. Memo section states "withdrawal processed" and the only categories printed are those associated with auto withdrawals for bills. This started early December. Have attempted resolution with tech support on 3 occasions to no avail. My bank, Park National, has also been notified and indicate the problem is not on their end. I use Quicken Premier subscription.2020.
  • mjackson60mjackson60 Member ✭✭
    Nancy, I have been able to circumvent data loss by turning off Mobile and Web Sync. I don't know what it is going to take to be heard by Quicken and have this issue fixed/corrected. I am multi decade user of Quicken. Losing my data or losing the validity and reliability of my data is not acceptable. If anyone has idea or knowledge on how to raise Quicken's awareness of the issue, please share. I have taken opportunity to "Report a problem" from within the program and I have also chatted online and spoken with Quicken support on the phone. So far, I have seen no activity to indicate that Quicken is aware or that they are working on the issue. I love Quicken, but very much dislike any corrupt data. Totally unacceptable. I encourage everyone to keep multiple backups of their data as you cannot predict when something like this will occur. Have a blessed day!
  • Tom ScottTom Scott Member ✭✭
    This worked for me. Thanks. I did have to turn cloud sync back on and select the accounts that I want to sync.

    I should say that the official Quicken Fix is to go to Edit | Preferences | Mobile and Web | Reset Your Cloud Data. I didn't get a chance to try this because while I was waiting on hold I found this post and was in the process of following the instructions here.
  • mjackson60mjackson60 Member ✭✭
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    [removed - violation of community guidelines]
  • Keith KKeith K Member
    I recently accepted the last update pushed during a one step update in Quicken for Windows Version R30.14. It was something to do with an "improved" cloud update. When the one step update concluded, it had erased three months of my work and replaced it with downloaded entries which were missing my payee and category information. It also broke the links in all my transfer entries. When I realized it was going to take many hours to get back to any semblance of my prior work, I chatted with help and was told to turn off mobile and web sync. That seems to have settled the problem down when I went to a backup file and did so. I can't remember having a problem of this magnitude in 20+ years as a Quicken user. I'm still not sure if everything is working properly, but I've got my prior data back.
  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Before attempting to restore a Quicken file backup (or open an earlier copy of the Quicken File), I suggest deleting the Quicken Cloud dataset (aka cloud account) associated with the Quicken file.  Note: You need to open another Quicken file to delete the appropriate cloud account.  You may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-edit-or-delete-your-cloud-datasets-quicken-windows

    This other Quicken file needs to have a distinct file identifier so that we may delete the cloud account associated with the original Quicken file.  For example, you may create a new Quicken file (select File > New Quicken File...) without any accounts, enable sync in preferences so you may view and delete the cloud account associated with the original Quicken file. 

    This is necessary because when we open or restore an another version of the Quicken file with the same file identifier, Quicken is not resetting the cloud account appropriately at this time.  I hope they will let us know when they have addressed this issue, but for now before opening another Quicken file that has the same file identifier embedded, delete the cloud account.  

    Note: Only File > New Quicken File... generates a distinct file identifier.  All other forms of creating Quicken file, copy the embedded identifier from another file.

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  • mjackson60mjackson60 Member ✭✭
    My last post was removed. Apparently I violated community guidelines in recommending contacting Quicken regarding the issue. Thoughts?
  • After Quicken update, I and after perform a one step update to connect to bank and download transactions, many of my categories are missing from previous transactions. This has happened across all accounts. Is anyone having this issue?
  • FrankxFrankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2020
    Hi @barbkuntz

    Do you use Quicken Mobile or Quicken on the Web.  This could be caused if you are Synching with the cloud.  If you are, I suggest that you change your settings to turn off "Sync"
    Go to: Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web > make sure that Sync is turned OFF

    Like this:

    Then you will likely need to restore a recent backup file because of the data corruption.  But before you do, I would suggest that you consider deleting the dataset of your Quicken Cloud account because that has been an issue for other users  To do that, you will also need to open another Quicken file to delete the appropriate cloud account.  I suggest that you go to this link https://www.quicken.com/support/how-edit-or-delete-your-cloud-datasets-quicken-windows  and follow those instructions.


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  • In my case, I was fortunate enough to notice the damage as soon as I did a One Step Update (OSU), downloading from my banks. The problem did not occur when opening a file, only when doing OSU. Deleting the cloud account allowed me to do OSU without overwriting the payee and category for every transaction since ~1Sep20.
    Once again, thanks Sherlock.
  • mdevitamdevita Member
    Running this for me Edit| Preferences |Mobile and Web | Reset Your Cloud Data, zeroed out the balance of one of my loan accounts. Anyone else have this issue? Luckily I was able to recover from a previous file save.
  • Tom ScottTom Scott Member ✭✭
    The steps that worked for me, originally provided by Sherlock, were as follows.
    1. Create a new File called temp.
    2. Turned on Mobile Sync
    3. Skipped creating a new account.
    4. Chose Edit | Preferences | Quicken ID and Cloud Accounts|
    5. Under Cloud Account Detaills, clicked on "Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID. This brought up a list of all of the quicken files I have opened. I deleted the name of my most recent file.
    6. I then went File | Backup and Restore and restored the most recent backup that I knew was good (I back up every time I quit Quicken).
    7. I then ran a one step update and everything downloaded without changing my old data.
    8. I then went to Edit | Preferences | Mobile and Web where I turned Sync On and selected the Accounts that I wanted to sync to the web.

    I have opened and closed the program several times since and everything is working well.
  • LLymLLym Member ✭✭
    I also had errors today after the r30.14 Build auto install. I lost all of my split information on all transactions (and who knows what else is lost). After you turned off Mobile and Cloud sync and restored your file (and deleted Cloud as Sherlock suggested) did that fix the problem? Did you lose any more data after your next cloud sync?
  • beverardbeverard Member
    I am using Quicken 2020, R30.14. I just updated my transactions and discovered that for one of my credit cards, Quicken has changed the categories on all transactions for a particular merchant and deleted all memo notes for transactions after about mid-Sept. In other words, I have lost 3 months worth of category information for hundreds of purchases at Home Depot and the memo information that went with them. Same for other merchants with multiple entries. Categories for some other merchants are not just blank. This is a HUGE issue. I've been renovating my house for the last 3 months and just lost every record of what was spent on it. Anyone have similar issues or any idea what is going on?
  • splashersplasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Hopefully, you have a recent backup to restore.  If not, let this be a lesson to make routine backups.  If you are using QMobile, I suggest disabling it completely, not just using it.

    -splasher  using Q since 1996 -  Subscription  -  Win10
    -also older versions as needed for testing
    -Questions? Check out the  Quicken Windows FAQ list

  • mechapmmechapm Member ✭✭
    I had this exact same thing happen to me.
  • Christine LChristine L Member
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    [Removed- Duplicate]
  • raka1212raka1212 Member
    After R30.14 update when I did one step update it wiped off previously accepted register and replaced with default transactions without categories for most of banking and credit card accounts. The new transactions have blue dot in first column. When one step update was going on show this message on top (never saw this before) -"Your data is being synced to our improved cloud service. This is a one-time process and may take several minutes...0%". Then in update window I see rotating gears and down arrow next to all banking and CC accounts and show cloud sync % goes from 0 to 100. I don't use mobile and web access so do't know why suddenly this cloud sync happening and destroying my cleared register transactions. I even tried to delete cloud data, reinstall quicken and opened data file from backup and started to update and same thing happened. I tried to call CS but phone where frequently disconnecting as soon as start talking and every new call had new CS from different foreign countries and were unable to resolve. I am 25 years user of quicken and spending $75/year subscription and seeing more and more frustration with quicken. The further look at synclog shows cloud sync is trying to align categories to default categories and in process deleting default or user created categories or splits. This is a brief sample of sync log.

    {"resources":[{"categoryType":"EXPENSE","clientId":"2eXXXXae-1006-4607-adfa-29f6cbXXXX","description":"Gift Expenses","isBusiness":false,"isDeleted":false,"isExcludedFromBudgets":false,"isExcludedFromCategoryList":false,"isExcludedFromReports":false,"isInvestment":false,"isNotEditable":false,"isNotUserAssignable":false,"name":"Gifts"},{"categoryType":"EXPENSE","clientId":"af85a0f1-491c-4a72-98fe-e6XXXX6aXXXa","description":"Gifts & Donations","isBusiness":false,"isDeleted":false,"isExcludedFromBudgets":false,"isExcludedFromCategoryList":false,"isExcludedFromReports":false,"isInvestment":false,"isNotEditable":false,"isNotUserAssignable":false,"name":"Gifts & Donations"},{"categoryType":"EXPENSE","clientId":"58XXX58-4706-4bf5-84be-03XXX11c33ed","description":"Gift
  • I also had transactions trashed back into September due to this "upgraded cloud sync." Fortunately, since Quicken has become so unreliable, I now do a backup at the end of every session. I was able to fix this by:

    1) First renaming then restoring my latest backup
    2) When the restore offered sync options for the restored file, I chose no sync, just look at the file
    3) AFTER the restore, I disabled the Mobile & Web sync in EDIT/PREFERENCES. (I did not delete the cloud account.)
    4) Did a One-Step Update--- worked fine

    I do not use Quicken tools on any devices beyond my main laptop.
  • Yes! This happened to me this morning for the second time. I don't think it's the update but something they are trying to do. A message stating: "Your data is being synced to our improved cloud service. This is a one-time process and may take several minutes." is displayed and then our (my) data is changed. Splits are lost as well as any renaming. I'm not sure why they would change something in my data file. Big Problem!!!
  • JimRQuickJimRQuick Member ✭✭
    Hi raka1212. I had the same experience Dec. 18. Changing the categories happened with a credit card from one particular bank of mine. All other accounts were OK. I have not tried any fixes other than to exclude that one credit card when I do One Step Update. Updating that credit card individually has the same undesired results. For now, I just update and reconcile it manually.
  • beverardbeverard Member
    I am also having issues that seem to be related to Elan. My problem is when I update Elan, the categories on previously downloaded transactions change or go blank. This seems to be only related to Elan, since I can update other accounts with no issues. Things seem to be ok if I deactivate online services for Elan and then manually download and import. Things also seem to go astray due to Quicken Cloud sync (which I don't want to do in the first place) - if I reactivate online services, it goes into sync mode and never comes back. I have to use Task Manager to kill Quicken. When I go back in, that's when I see all my categories screwed up for Elan. I then have to do a backup restore from before I reactivated. I have been using Quicken since the early 90's - I'm hoping someday that I could go more than 6 months without some issue or other popping up.
  • raka1212raka1212 Member
    edited December 2020
    Wow, I see so many people having issue with this new cloud sync phenomenon. [Removed-Inaccurate/Disruptive]
  • ERedERed Member ✭✭
    @Sherlock Thanks for your help in trying to stop further problems.

    I am going to attempt to find a backup that has doesn't have the information removed. Do you know if I can copy a transaction from a backup and then paste it in the current version? That way I won't lose any of the newer work that I may have done since the errors happened.
  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    ERed said:
    @Sherlock Thanks for your help in trying to stop further problems.

    I am going to attempt to find a backup that has doesn't have the information removed. Do you know if I can copy a transaction from a backup and then paste it in the current version? That way I won't lose any of the newer work that I may have done since the errors happened.
    There are a few of ways to copy transactions between  Quicken files.  I suggest using QIF files.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:


    Remember to delete the cloud account before opening the Quicken files as they have the same file identifier.
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  • DLBDLB Member
    I have received the message about the "...one-time process..." several times and each time all of my checks are unreconciled and the payee and split information is deleted.

    Turned off cloud sync as suggested above and that seems to have solved the problem.

    Has anyone heard from Quicken about a fix?
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