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  • sr2
    sr2 Member
    I'm having a similar issue. The "Home" tab is missing and I don't know how to access my budget without that tab. Where did my budget go?
  • jacobs
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    edited December 2020
    @sr2  I'm confused by what you are seeing. The old blue navigation links (aka tabs) at the top of the main screen are still there, just minus the blue:

    By the way, you don't need to click on the Home tab to get to your budget; you can just click on Budgets here, or you can select your budget from the Quicken Budget menu.

    EDIT: Oops, sorry, this answer is for Quicken Mac. This post was split from a thread in a Quicken Mac category, but I now see you're using Windows, so just ignore my reply. I'm sure a Windows user will come along to reply to your Quicken Windows question.
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