How do I report on the TAG field?

I have created many TAGS in my register but the TAG field is not mentioned in my choice of fields for printing.


  • NotACPA
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    How about REPORTS, Banking, Transaction and "Subtotal by" Tag?
    Also, what Q product are you running, and what BUILD of that product?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Are you using the Starter edition?

    If so it is quirk of that edition that they allow you to create tags, but not report on them.  Before the subscription version you wouldn't even see them in the register in the Starter edition, but probably because they weren't to careful they are now visible.

    You will need the Deluxe edition or above to report on tags.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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  • oldngrmpy1
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    I'm showing tags with a /"TAG" annotation behind the category in the category column.  Example:  Food/Groceries, where Food is the category and /Groceries indicates a tag for that Category This is another way to add a tag to a transaction without using the tag field. Just put a / with the tag for that Categoy right behind it!