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Recent updates corrupt my checking account - twice -

Last week your system updated my quicken file. IMy checking went from $400 and something to 4700 and something. It took me an [removed - profanity] week to fix it. Today your system updated my checking again. I went from $60 and something to $1287. and some change. what the [removed - profanity] people. I'm not going to keep doing this! IF I fix my checking balance once again how do I stop you from screwing up again??????? THIS HAS TO STOP!


  • I may be fighting a similar problem with my Quicken accounts. I discovered several accounts corrupted. Splits were erased, links to other accounts were dropped, or entire records, comments were dropped, and the totals are absurd, mostly because payment entries have been dropped. I pulled up a week-old Quicken automatic backup and started again--several times--and dug out my source documents to re-create the work. I found 10 year old records missing, but fortunately they're in the backups.

    It appears to occur when Quicken tries to upload to what it says is a "new" cloud system. I tried having Quicken delete the cloud files and and it recopied, but that didn't seem to stop it from trashing the accounts anyway. I finally tried clicking the button to turn off cloud storage--The thing is pretty much useless anyway. So far it hasn't trashed any of my rework. I thought Quicken would save me time (it has for the past 20 years), not cost me time.
  • I might have to check that option out. I was lucky the second time in so much I had a back up the night before. However, as soon as I restored the backup it would update to its "new cloud" service and screw up my accounts again. Each time it updated I had a new over-inflated balance. Thank you for your help.
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