Mismatched securities in account

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It would be helpful to be able to print the mismatched security issues that show up after downloads so that it is easier ti investigate and fix the errors
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  • junsy
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    Security List Error [OL-301-A] with Fidelity Account Update
    I discovered that a stock in one of my accounts had a name change and a reverse split. To resolve this issue, using the following procedure
    Under Accounts - all transactions column on the left:
    I right click the Fidelity account -> Edit/Delete Account -> click on the Online Services tab -> Reset Account -> Enter Vault Password -> Select the Investment Account (with the suspected name change) -> let Quicken do its update and report the errors and mismatches. Make your corrections and the next time you update the error should go away.
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    I get OL-301-A on every account I have tried to pay.