Quicken 2013 Keeps Prompting Me On Startup

Hello Folks, I recently downloaded Quicken 2013. I have been using 2003 for many years now, LOL. But was changing computers and decided to start anew.

I did not even attempt to merge my 2003 data to 2013. So I installed 2013 and updated my transactions from my previous statement.

Now, almost every time I start 2013, I get the screen that tells me I need to either start from scratch or import a previously saved Quicken file. Almost like I have just downloaded the software and starting from scratch again.

sometimes it prompts me to do this, other times it just pulls the program up and has my previously saved data. What would be causing this?

Thanks for the input.


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    What is the exact, complete drive + path name + file name of your Quicken data file, e.g., C:\Users\username\Documents\Quicken\QDATA.QDF?
    Is it possible that your data file name contains a blank space after the "QDATA" portion and before ".QDF"? Use Windows File Explorer or run a DOS DIR command on the folder which contains the data file. If that is the case, with Quicken closed, rename the data file to remove that blank space, then double-click on the file name to start Quicken using this file and memorizing the new name.

    When running an old, unsupported Quicken for Windows version you may no longer be able to download bug fixes (patch files) directly from Quicken.
    However, until further notice they are still available here:
    US version: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/quicken-patches-us.html
    Canadian version: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/quicken-patches-canadian.html
    If clicking on Help / About Quicken does not show the highest Release number available for your version (year), as shown on this webpage, download and install the appropriate file(s) from the link above.

    BTW, you should have been able to convert your 2003 data file to the 2013 version by following this procedure:


    using your old computer for the 2003 -> 2004 conversion step, then create a backup of the 2004-format file on USB stick, take it to the new computer and tell Q 2013 to restore this backup (to a file name different from your new data file!)